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What You Really Need To Know About Queens, New York

With its diverse cultures and wide range of ethnic dishes it really is easy to understand why anyone would want to travel or move to Queens. When you combine this with the hundreds of attractions and business opportunities, you are truly looking at one great location. That being said, you shouldn’t ever just up and travel or move to a location without learning a little bit about it. So, what exactly do you need to know about Queens before relocating or visiting it? EZ Queens Junk Removal

Jazz Roots

If you don’t know anything about jazz music or aren’t a fan, you probably will be after leaving Queens. In fact, Queens played a pivotal role in the 1940s jazz scene. With artists like Louis Armstrong, Charlie Parker, and Ella Fitzgerald, it is easy to see why the borough played such a major role on the jazz movement. You can even take a tour of Louis home and discover some more about the three decades that he spent in the great city.

Don’t Discount The Art Scene

Most individuals don’t think of fabulous art when they think of Queens NY. When most people think of great art in New York, they think or Manhattan or Brooklyn. However, you would be sorely mistaken to write off the art scene in Queens, as it is pretty happening. There are a variety of different exhibits that you can view and admire at the Queens Museum and the PS 1 Contemporary Art Center.

Flushing Is A Must See

Flushing is filled with some of Queens’ best attraction. Along with this, maybe consider it to be the Chinatown of New York. The Chinese population is flourishing here, as two-thirds of the residents come from Asia. If you love the Asian culture and cuisine, you are without a doubt going to get your fill for it in Flushing.

Tennis Is A Must

Just about everyone in Queens loves tennis. With the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center it is hard to find someone that doesn’t admire the game. With the facilities indoor and outdoor courts, individuals from all over the state come her to partake in the unique offerings. The courts are open to the public every day of the week and elven months of the year. Oh yeah, don’t forget they offer lessons in the event you are looking to increase your skill set or just learn the game for the first time. The site has even hosted the US Open, which is something that any sports fan has heard of.

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