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Used Tire Disposal & Recycling

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Vehicles, trailers, RVs, Fifth-wheel campers, bicycles, tricycles, wheelbarrows, remote-controlled cars, scooters, and tricycles have one thing in common. This one feature is rubber tires. All tires can last for a long time, ranging between 3 to 5 years, based on several factors. These are maintaining, conditions of the tire, application, and usage.

When it’s time to replace worn-out tires, consumers face a difficult choice. Since most landfills and dumps don’t accept tires made of rubber, there must be a different solution in place before the replacement. On a good note, automobile services give their customers the possibility of disposal for a small fee. In addition to the disposal cost, many states have Scrap Tire Disposal Tax in the range of $0.25 and $25.

How To Avoid Old Tire Disposal Fee?

Yes, it is possible to skip the Scrap Tire Disposal Fee. But, naturally, you have to be willing to retain the old tires following the replacement. It’s unfortunate, but many consumers don’t have the necessary equipment or the skills to replace old tires. Instead, they choose automobile service providers that specialize in installing tires. When you request one or two sets or fire new tires, you will be asked about your preferred method of disposal. At this point, you may decide to pay the old tire disposal cost. However, if you don’t want to invest the money, it is possible to keep the previously used tires.

There are several ways to get rid of the expense of paying to dispose of your tires. Based on your specific circumstances, it could be possible to do the following:

  • Flower Planters – Cut the rim of the old tire to give it a rough appearance. Make a small cut, the same diameter as the old tire. Paint the old tire to appeal to it, utilizing vivid colors like pink, yellow, orange, white, red, or purple. Fill the tire’s opening with dirt, add the flowering plant and water to complete the work.
  • Garden Retainer Wall – Are you looking for an original retainer wall for your garden? If so, consider your old tires with a range of sizes that your old tires could make one of the best garden retaining walls. To make it more distinctive, paint each tire in a distinct color. Consider a series of colors, such as green, blue and purple. You can also try teal, lime, and turquoise.
  • Mulch – Transform your old tires into rubber mulch. The US Environmental Protection Agency “EPA” encourages Americans to reuse their old tires. Well, this is an excellent way to reuse the old tires from your bicycle, ATV, truck, and cargo trailer tries. Utilizing a heavy-duty snip cutting tool, you can reduce the rubber in pieces or strips. You can also tint your mulch of recycled rubber a green or red-blue before you place it around your flowers, trees, and shrubs.
  • Outdoor Table – Convert the tires of your old car into an outdoor table. Instead of painting your old tires, you could wrap them in durable weatherproof twine. Paint the outside of the tire with a waterproof adhesive. Starting at the top of the tire, tie the tire around the base with string, continuing until reaching the bottom. This will be a unique outdoor table within your community.
  • Outdoor Mirror – Transform your bicycle’s tires to a mirror for your backyard. Begin by giving the original tire a fresh coat of paint, your choice. Apply a thick coat of adhesive between the edges of the mirror and the inner rim of the tire. Firmly push the mirror against the tire’s rim while trying to keep it in the same place. Install a wall hanger on the top back of the tire, and it will be hung on the wall.

Our Old Tire Removal

If you have no idea about what you can do with the old tires, we are there to help. Scrap tire removal is reasonably priced and available to all residents. In addition, we offer free consultations per request. Don’t hesitate to submit your request for consultation because we have everything you need to get rid of the old tire.

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